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How BinMaker was created....

The suggestion to create a program which could "BIN-up weather data on-the-fly" came from Mike Witte of Gard Analytics. Lew Harriman of Mason-Grant developed and defined that idea as part of his recommendations for the revision of AFM 88-29 (DOD Engineering Weather Data Manual) He also wrote and produced this manual.

Doug Kosar at GRI provided the inspiration, guidance and funding needed to bring the idea to a finished product. Dean Plager of Quantitative Decision Support managed the project. He also defined the program functions as well as the user interface, and provided quantitative assessment of program results. Bob Sacks of Bluejay Software was the programmer. Jim Judge, P.E. of Linric Company provided technical programming assistance, as well as the PSYCHLIB library of psychrometric functions that allows BinMaker to calculate values not found in the TMY-2 files.

BinMaker is a TradeMark of InterEnergy Software, Inc., Chicago, IL

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