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One-Stop Career Center 

Managing a Career Center should be about helping people with their career needs, not an exercise in data collection and reporting.  Bluejay Data Solutions provides a comprehensive data collection and reporting solution that integrates with your existing technology environment.   

Data Input

Our system supports a variety of input configurations for maximum flexibility.

v      Barcode swipe terminals

v      Magstripe swipe terminals

v      Barcoded paper scan sheets

v      Laser/CCD scanners

v      Fingerprint scanner

v      Manual screen input

v      Touch-screen and kiosks

v      Handheld devices (Palm/Pocket PC PDAs) 

Data Capture

Career centers come in all shapes and sizes.  Different centers have different data collection needs.  Data can be collected in a variety of modes;

 Real time - linked devices to capture actual activities on computers, phone, fax machines, copiers, etc.

 Stored capture - standalone collection devices for access tracking.  These can even be remote units for off site activities, job fairs, etc. Bring the unit to your center; plug it in, press a button and your data is transferred to the main system!

 Implied Tracking - Some centers have neither the resources nor the infrastructure to support direct data capture.  This option supports either self-service or assisted Q & A about intended or completed resource room activities. 

Data Output

Our one-stop solutions are designed to work with enterprise case management systems or as a standalone career center tracking system.  The system supports standard 511 intake data elements as well as custom data fields.

Data is readily exported in the following formats;

v      CSV, Tab or Pipe Delimited

v      MS Access

v      XML

v      ODBC connection

If you have an existing internally developed case management system, we can almost always preserve your investment by exporting transaction data to it.  Count on us to work with your staff to insure a smooth implementation.


Flexible Configuration


 Affordable       Supportable       Flexible       Configurable

System Overview

v      ATS/IBS barcode terminals can be easily programmed to accept a simple swipe to record attendance at a scheduled event, or prompt for one or more user-keyed activity codes after the card swipe

v      Admin applications runs on standard windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP

v      Up to 32 fixed terminals and unlimited portable units per location

v      Polling every 15 min - 4 hours to minimize bandwidth usage

v      Manual or automatic polling

v      Program runs continuously without user intervention

v      Local and/or server based database

v      Selectable COM port

v      Transactions logs

v      Flexible reporting

v      Integrates with major case management systems

v      Scalable licensing


v      Web based information exchange and reporting

v      Graphing and charting support

v      Customized reports

v      Multiple input device support

v      Consulting and or training for specials uses

v      Custom interfaces to Case Management systems

v      Interfaces to other Bluejay data collection system

v      Annual Maintenance Upgrades

 System Requirements

v      Pentium II 466Mhz or higher

v      256 RAM

v      1Gb Hard drive

v      Windows 95 or higher

v      Barcode capable printer (or your existing barcode ID system)

v      Data input devices


Examples of Reports: 

v      User demographics

v      Monthly activity report

v      Inactive user report

v      Excessive user report

v      Activity report by Town

v      Activity report by activity

 We can easily customize reports for your exact needs


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